all your heads are gonna roll
i’ve made your misery my goal
so if you want survival
kneel on my arrival
for this is how i rule the world


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Smile for the camera, pretty boy

Some pictures of me as Cronus Ampora

reblogging again cuz

Charlie as Cronus Ampora

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Spitfire as Mituna Captor.

Spitfire as Mituna Captor.

Spitfire making friends with a stormtrooper.

Spitfire as Mituna Captor.

Spitfire as Mituna Captor.

Spitfire as Sollux.

Spitfire as Sollux.
Dave is this person. 

The Signless and The Psiioniic.

Signless by Honker.
Psiioniic by Spitfire. 

Charlie as Eridan.
Spitfire as blind Sollux. 

Promstuck 2012 info!

NOTE: This post will be updated everytime we have new info!

Welcome to the first Dutch Promstuck; a prom where we Homestuckers go in our fancy cosplays! Promstuck 2012 provides Homestuck themed food, music, videos, giveaways, contests, shipping and a lot of fun! This years theme “PROSPIT & DERSE”! There will be a green sun, too. Make sure to stick to the theme! Ok, you don’t have to stick to the theme, but it’ll be nice.

As this is a prom, you are supposed to wear fancy clothes (dress or suit) and bring a date. This doesn’t have to be a romantic date, just someone 

you enjoy being with. We want to take pictures of everyone with their date when they enter the party, so try and bring one! You can always ask for a date over here.

Note, the entire Promstuck will be in English. Our host will be talking English, just like the rest of us during the events. 

This year there will be 4 events, hosted by our own EriHost! A dating show, a karaoke, a dancing contest and the King and Queen of the prom! You will have to sign up for the first two events, and as for the last one, everyone will have to vote during Promstuck! 

There will be a huge giveaway too. You can bring your own giveaway items. Make sure to put them in a box so no one will suspect what’s in it. The giveaway will be provided by us, so you’re supposed to give us your giveaway items at the beginning.

The final and most important event will be the SWEET RAVE PARTY, of course! Note that there will be blacklights, so make sure to bring your blacklight party stuff. Glowsticks will be given away at the door, so no need to bring these.

Now, who’s our staff?
Eridan as our host and organizer of the events.
Karkat will be our doorman and the one to give away breaklights.
And of course, we’ll have our own DJ, Dave!
Another Karkat will be selling food (make sure to bring money for food and drinks).
Our photographer and the one to film the whole event will be Jake.
And Sollux, the one who organized the entire Promstuck, will be there to answer all your questions and make sure everything goes smooth.

We’ll also have a few photographers who will all be carrying cards with our Tumblr adress and e-mail, this is where you can find the pictures afterwards and send your own to.

That is all for now! Questions? Hit the ask button or contact us on Facebook.